The Carbon Protocol

data capture methodology & accounting of carbon credits

The Hemp Blockchain platform

Carbon Credits

Through The Hemp Blockchain’s Carbon Protocol, we will capture all of the most critical data points throughout the hemp growing and processing lifecycle, which will make ours the most accurate and trusted carbon offset credit.

Data collection

The Carbon Protocol is the data capture methodology and accounting of (Net) “carbon credits from the earth, for the earth” used by The Hemp Blockchain platform.

Data may be manually entered, or automatically collected through technologies including carbon tracking sensors, drones, weather stations, and satellites, integrated through IoT, leveraging other advanced technologies such as the Verses Spatial Web infrastructure and stored immutably using blockchain.

Both sequestration and emissions will be recorded in the blockchain. Carbon offsets will evolve from regenerative farming practices, growing hemp, creating both biochar and green biochar. These offsets, will be measured, validated and traded as carbon offset credits. The Hemp Blockchain and Carbon Protocol support the world’s ESG practices

As a result of its robust carbon sequestration data capture and accounting, the Carbon Protocol goes beyond various existing protocols and methodologies in terms of accuracy and therefore trust, and represents a breakthrough participate in the global effort to account for carbon footprints, carbon sequestration and emissions, a key step in addressing climate change.

“Going to the mountains is like going home.”

—john muir

The Hemp Blockchain platform

Forward Looking

Sustainability Commitment​

Our goal is to support Farmers, the attainment of Paris Climate Accord goals and corporate ESG objectives. The Carbon Protocol will participate in an open and collaborative way with all of the existing and future participants in the Open Earth, Open Climate initiatives and is not limited to Industrial Hemp.

Our underlying architecture and platform are completely industry agnostic.