Supply Chain As a Service

blockchain-native supply chain management solution


supply chain management

The Hemp Blockchain provides a blockchain-native supply chain management solution for the industrial hemp industry, scheduled to become commercially available in late 2022. Our solution will “leapfrog” existing solutions in a strategically important agriculture sector with significant growth prospects.

The most pressing supply chain-related issue facing the hemp industry today is track and trace, which links all participants in the supply chain and proves provenance and quality for any product that moves through the chain. Therefore, the first application “module” to be released on the platform will provide track and trace capabilities adapted and blockchain-enabled for the industrial hemp industry.

The initial release

Will ensure trust between industry participants, including cultivators, processors, manufacturers, and end-consumers, by verifying pertinent credentials, licenses, and certifications.
Will track provenance by recording the chain of custody for all raw and processed materials moving through the chain.
Will track product quality by recording product quality information.
Will track carbon credits for actions such as growing hemp.

Further iterations

Follow-on capabilities introduced through semi-annual releases will expand Hemp Blockchain participation to include propagators, retailers, testing labs, distributors, and possibly brokers through inventory management, logistics, and order management.

When fully deployed, the Hemp Blockchain solution will be a complete supply-chain-as-a-service solution including modules for manufacturing, marketplace matching, expanded analytics using machine learning and artificial intelligence, payment systems, investments, supply planning, and demand management.

“ Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

—Albert Einstein

The Hemp Blockchain platform

Platform Features

Verification: Trust

To ensure trust between players, users enter and upload necessary credentials, licenses, and certifications as part of The Hemp Blockchain onboarding.

Tracing: Provenance

To demonstrate best practices for cannabinoids, The Hemp Blockchain records chain of custody for raw and processed materials.