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Carbon Credits From The Earth, For The Earth™️
the hemp blockchain

About Us

The Hemp Blockchain is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based technology company dedicated to accelerating carbon sequestration through the powerful abilities of hemp, a plant that can sequester as much or more carbon as an equivalent area of rain forest.

Our supply chain management and marketplace solutions capture and account for the sequestration of carbon through hemp cultivation, while streamlining commercial operations and building trust among cultivators, processors, manufacturers and retailers.

By “tokenizing” sequestration information based on our “Carbon Protocol” we increase the amount and quality of carbon credits available for purchase to companies needing to offset their production of CO2 in order to meet their CSR and ESG commitments.

The revenue from those sales provides an additional revenue stream to the hemp industry through their growing of carbon credits from the earth, for the earth.

Our Board

Daniel Higbee


Sam Vetas


Steven Gluckstern

Executive Chairman of the Board/Advisor, Chairman and CEO of Santa Fe Farms


Director/Advisor Professor, Harvard Business School Former CEO, Arrow Electronics

James Elegante

General Counsel/Director

Key Team and Partners

Eugene Luzgin

Chief Technology Officer

Sue Higginson

Chief Financial Officer

Pablo Yabo

Chief Executive Officer, Rand Labs

Michel Dahdah

Co-Founder, Rand Labs

Partners And Investors

Clayton Turner

Santa Fe Farms

Nitesh Benga

Chief Operating Officer, GlobalLogic

Dr. Sunil K. Singh

Chief Technology Officer, GlobalLogic

David Thomson

Director of Integration,

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

—Henry David Thoreau

the hemp blockchain

The latest

The Hemp Blockchain is building advanced cloud-based solutions to accelerate the growth of the industrial hemp industry. Find the latest announcements here.